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Interested in Living at The Belmont?

Where is The Belmont Apartments located?
1000 McQueen Drive
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: 919-383-0801
Fax: 919-383-1283

What size apartments are available?
Please visit our
Floor Plans page for more information on our floor plans and pricing.
When will I be notified that an apartment is available for me?
Our current residents are required to provide a 60-day written notice of their intent to vacate. Therefore, we learn of an apartment's availability approximately 60 days in advance. Your apartment placement is dependent on when current residents provide this written notice. At the latest, you should be contacted 21 days in advance of your projected move-in date to be notified if we do or do not have an apartment available. If we are unable to accommodate your needs, your security deposit will be refunded, however, application fees are non-refundable.
If I cancel my reservation on the waitlist are my holding fees returned to me?
Every applicant has 72 hours from the application date to cancel with a full refund minus the application fee(s). If you decide to be removed from our waitlist after this 72-hour period the deposit will be refunded.
How many names do you accept on the waitlist and where will my name be on the list?
We will accept only as many names on the list as we think we can accommodate. Unfortunately, the demand can fluctuate from year-to-year, therefore estimates may not be completely accurate, and these numbers are based on the previous year's performance. Names are placed on the list in the order the application and fees are paid and length of lease term. The earlier we receive your application and fees and the longer the rental term you sign up for, the higher your name will be on the list.
Will the price I am quoted today be the price of the apartment when I move in?
The rental price of your apartment will be the price of the apartment on the day that you submit your application and holding fees, which will be the price listed on your Addendum To The Lease Application For Residency. Because our new rates are set annually in January and we are traditionally on a waiting list at that time, leases that start in January will pay the market rate effective the day the lease begins. Discount coupons for application fees or rent discounts, known as concessions, will only be accepted up to 3 calendar days after submitting the application. Any account credits will not be refunded, but will go towards first month's rent.
What makes me eligible to be a resident at The Belmont?
Applicants are screened based on established criteria regarding credit, rental history, and any civil court records. As a part of this process, we will obtain a credit report and may perform a criminal records check. Approval is based on proof of satisfactory credit and rental payment histories.
When will I need to sign my lease?
The lease agreement can be signed the day of move-in. However all roommates must have the lease signed prior to keys being issued.
How does the wait list work?
Any person seeking to be on our waitlist must begin by submitting a rental application along with the necessary fees. An application fee of $150 per applicant and a $200 refundable security deposit are required at the time of application. Additional security deposit, up to one month’s rent, may be required based on credit. Proof of income and government issued photo ID is also required to be submitted with the application.
The Belmont
1000 McQueen Drive 
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 383-0801